A look through a window… a car out of 8 million.

Today, my driver gave me a duck egg…I still don’t know the reason, but I’ll ask someone!

It is really another culture…neither better nor worse, Simply different… Every day, while I am having breakfast, I see that he arrives 20 minutes before the pick-up time…and quietly, he cleans his car (it’s his work tool) … It doesn’t mean that stress doesn’t exist, it’s just structured to do one thing after Another One.

This good man, surely has got up at 04:30am to be able to do all his things and arrive before at work to clean his car, wait calmly and receive me with a big smile … really are very helpful …

With the journeys that I’ve made during all this week 41, I’m beginning to understand how traffic works here.

Is that stressful? You may ask me… Well… Depending on how you look at it… And I say it, I get nervous when I don’t drive! I’m not used to being in the co-driver’s seat.(Who knows me, will know perfectly what I’ve talked about!) But I think the driver has found a way to relax me with his music!

Chaos ordained, we could describe it like that, or not, …. I don’t think it’s chaos, there are just a lot of cars that circulate ordered according to another laws…of the 12 journeys that I’ve made between VW and the hotel, I haven’t seen any accident, not even a Little Crash… You only just need to be a little observant and look through the window of the car … cars have no damage! No scratches, no blows, no missing mirrors…. (I’m talking about most of it!)

And now comes the question… what will they think about us when they come to a big European city? Sometimes it’s good to analyze what they think about us…travelling to the filter of Your partner…it’s an exercise that we should do more times! I recommend it to you.

Regarding the way of driving…. Yes! They do indeed honk, but at no time they lose the control, nor do they raise their voices! They don’t insult each other, they don’t scream at each other…I just think they warn each other when they’re going to pass…it’s an unwritten law… Actually, I’m a little envious! We could already have the same respect! We Have to Learn about It!

And That’s all for today!! In a few Days, a little more about Marta!

Thanks a lot!


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